Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Smell of spring

there cannot be any smell more nostalgic and sensual than the smell of spring night
It is a mixture of the first signs of the warm breeze that swiped away the cold with the reminiscence of the ligering sunlight of the day and a hint of the fragile scents of the spring flowers that have just opened up themselves to the world to be loved.

If you breath it in, it melts you heart away, makes your muscles loose and all the things that were rigid and frozen within you from the the winter's cold melts away by the little particles inside the spring breeze.

It take you back to the memories of the springs before, of the love and the heartaches. It is so much that it even hurts from the recollections and the pangs of the winters past.

Whichever the case, it give me such an high that is incomparable to any thing, an melancolic high that unties all the knots in myself...

ahhh spring

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