Friday, March 16, 2007

One sound advice

Here's a nice advice for those of you that need some.

More and more I feel that you shouldn't have expectations, especially towards other people.
Its only when you don't expect anything from them, that is when they suprise you with a character, remark, action whatever.

Its only when you expect something, and have your hopes up, then in most cases you will be disappointed.

When you find something really nice about someone by suprise, without expecting it, it will be like finding a nice little trasure box. If not well, its not like you were expecting to find one anyways.

This of course does not mean do not trust people, or never open yourself up towards other. You should trust them and open yourself up. But do not think that you'll always get reciprocity. Just do it without expecting anything back.

Of course, easily said then done...

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