Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Forget free hugs, how about some "free psycho theraphy" ??

As many of you will know there has been this huge craze which more or less started off with this you tube video called "the Free Hugs Campaign" about giving random people on the street Free Hugs to bring some warmth in their lives.

I actually thought it was quite moving, for I also think that there are animosity in society because one person refused to open up and that spread the distance between people. And how if one person started to open up, at least through a hug that it might change how people react towards each other. However, I think it has been ab it too overrated with kids hugging everyone in school every time they meet, making schools societies ban this movement... etc.

Okay, having said that, what I really think we need is free psycho therapy sessions. I mean hugs are okay, but what one really needs is someone that listens to their stories. I am amazed about how people have SO much to say without anyone to listen to them. Thus the amazing amount of blog postings each day on the Internet never mind other ways of communication. I guess it is because only when you are able to express what is inside of yourself, may it be ideas thoughts or fury over something happened, or experiences etc. You are actually alive in this society. If not there is no reason for your existence, at least not to others.

Of course many might say that the want to express oneself verbally may be a feminine characteristic. However I believe the need to be heard or express oneself is not a feminine character but there are gender differences between what needs to be said.

However, regardless of this need to express our thoughts into the outer world, to someone, there are huge deficits in the tunnels of this voicing. People try out different sources, their parents, their friends, their partner/spouse, lover, blogs, Internet communities, and a course many take at the end our professional listeners, psycho therapists and our priests. (yes I believe priests are the former versions of psycho therapists * refer to this blog entry.

Its just that because it is not considered a virtue to always talk about our favourite topic- "myself" - to other people all the time, (of course sex will be the other favourite topic, but this is actually promoted by others to be worthy of other's time and to be in everyday conversations) - we need some other routes to voice out and exist.

Here comes our idea of "free psycho therapy" or actually just "free listeners".
Although there already are many helplines that do such things, but one is only restricted to call them when there is an "emergency" and not bother people not all the time with the daily trivial things - which I must say is exactly what one needs to talk about.

I think the whole idea about love or relationship is that one has this person to tell and share the trivial things. The big things one can share with others, for these topics are usually take as something "worth talking about". It is those little things, that are "insignificant" to others, but that are important to us that one wants and needs to share. Of course having regular sex is another good reason to have a stable relationship.

But how about those of us without the possibilities for this trivial conversations? You see hugs are just not enough. It is just a physical show of affection or in one sense 'no-harm'. This is just a start, and let's not end there, lets do go on and provide people who will listen and maybe talk back even.


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Hwa Young said...

Hyde Park speaker's corner. you should try it when you get here. I'll go with you. maybe I will rant a bit as well.