Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Recent keyword activity

So I have this programe linked to my blog which tells you how many people came to the blog, stayed how long.
It also tell you how people came to your site thus the "recent keyword activity"
So this shows you what types of keywords people searched up - mostly in google- to get to your site.
It also shows you where you are when you search for the word

So here is the most interesting ones I've gotten... to get to my site/ not necessarily the insatiable hee site, but to the specific blog entries.
I am # 1 entry when you search "hoogerbugge" in ( this is because the correct spelling for his name is HoogerbRugge)
#9 on "ajumma definition"
#129 on "male genitals"
and I dunno why and how but you can get to my site when you search for
"teenage guy learns to hypnotize for sexual ga"


1 comment:

insatiable hee said...

okay, I dunno what happened but just lost the #129 place for male genitals... Damn it! dunno why or how, but well pity.