Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I write incessantly

Although there are not many blogs that are published here, I have loads of work that are draft versions of what I wanted to write at the moment. Its just that I try my best to write something more decent, not just some jibberish on line, so I keep it, and later on when there hasn't been much published logs, I publish them.
Its like I am a perfectionist who procrastinates until the pressure comes down and then I loose all standards for my writing.

Something similar to what I do with my day-job- not to say that I only do this type of work during the day. No sir- as you can see, most of my blog logs are during the day hehe. Strive for perfection, sit on your hands, get stressed- deadline comes- loose all standards - finish in a haste- forget I've done such work. The story of my life.

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Anonymous said...

Sitting at Stansted Airport, having 2 hours of delay with Easyjet, reading your very philosophical stuff, we thought about you! Your blog is like seeing you in reality and talking to you. Hope to see you soon! With love M & D