Friday, June 01, 2007

If I had my way

You know how you get more and more greedy the more stuff you get?
anyways now that i've heard alot of great bands play, I now want them for example in my own festival or my birthday party~! hey~~
anyhow what will the line up be... I will have to think but definately(not necessarily in this order - this will be the soul/funk line up, not the jazz.)

1. Renee Neufville
2. Roy Hargrove and the RH Factor - the 2005 line up
3. Rob van de Wouw
4. Eryka Badu
5. D'Angelo
6. Maceo Parker
7. Jill Scott
8. Angie Stone
9. Meshell N'degeochello (provided that she plays her earlier works)
10. Amp Fiddler
11. Bootsy Collins - Parliament Funkadelics
12. Floetry
13. Sly and the Family Stone


anyone wants to fund me for my festival?

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